RITI Advanced Management Program

Program Background:

Based on the agreement signed between MCIT and RITSEC in May 2007 and building on the success of the first intakes of the Capacity Building Program held in November 2007, ITIDA in cooperation with RITI has launched 8 new intakes of RITI Advanced Management Program (RAMP) in December 2009 and which were finalized in May 2011.

This program aims to prepare managers at the start of their managerial careers to deal with higher levels of management responsibility, through providing them with the following:

  • Greater perspectives on both professional and personal sides, enabling them to develop and share their vision, lead their companies and motivate their employees.
  • An integrated vision of different managerial functions and how they work together.
  • Global business perceptions through the analysis of best practice companies from a wide range of sectors and countries.
  • Solid knowledge base and scientific foundation of management tools that enables them to work as efficient managers.

RAMP is further enhanced to encompass eight selective modules with a total of 152 training hours, which are designed and bundled in a way to best address today’s challenging economy and generate global executives who can lead strategically, responsibly and ethically. RAMP modules are:

  • Marketing: A Key Success Factor
  • Mastering the Sales Process
  • Quality Management for Business Improvement
  • Developing the Leadership Inside You
  • Creative Thinking & Effective Problem Solving
  • Business in Global Context
  • Business Strategy for Leaders
  • Understanding Business through Managerial Finance

A total of 187 Companies with 349 candidates have registered to the Program, out of which 122 Companies participated in the Program.

Final Report:

On the occasion of the completion of the RAMP Program (December 2009 – May 2011), ITIDA in cooperation with RITI issued a final report highlighting the candidates performance throughout the 8 intakes, presenting the feedback of the participants on the different courses and underlining the generic benefits of the Program.

To read more about the Final Report, click here.

Program Statistics :

A total of 237 first line managers from 122 ICT companies have completed the program, with average of 30 trainees in each intake.

Findings Summary

The RAMP program proved to have been a successful experience of cooperation between ITIDA as a sponsor of training programs for Egyptian ICT companies and RITI as a training service provider. The program is of substantial benefit to the middle management level in the ICT companies. Accordingly, it is recommended that the ICT companies should nominate more of their staff to take the program.

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