Software Factory Approach for knowledge-based EHR Systems

CFP: #92 Round: 16
Unversity/Faculty: Alexandria University Project Type: ARP Company: Accorpa
ITAC Fund: EGP 769,066 Start Date: 4/1/2015 End Date: Ongoing

Project Output:

Develop a new, fast, and affordable technology for creating software applications within health care domain, based on ontologies and reasoning. The market analysis shows the potential of using ontologies in health-care domain, due to their complexity, customizability and interoperability requirements.

Project KPIs:

Technology Indicator:

Conference Papers:

  • Towards Integrating Knowledge base with Database
  • Demonstrating KDBMS: A Knowledge-based Database Management System
  • Top-k Autocomplete Similarity search
  • Edit Distance with contextual information
  • Efficient mapping from OWL to relational model
  • SIMD based filters for Edit distance Query