Navirize: A Calibration-free Accurate Indoor Positioning System for Realistic Environments

CFP: #90 Round: 16
Unversity/Faculty: E-JUST Project Type: PDP Company: Navirize
ITAC Fund: EGP 2,000,000 Start Date: 4/1/2015 End Date: Ongoing

Project Output:

Develop a system that is calibration-free accurate, robust to heterogeneity in user devices, and adapts to dynamic RF-based indoor positioning system for realistic environments. Navirize is based on a novel patent-pending technology developed at the Wireless Research Center of Excellence at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology.

Project KPIs:

  • Commercial Indicator:
    • Spin Out: Establishment of a new startup "Navirizeā€œ
    • Contract: Signed contract with Hospital.
    • Partnership: Signing partnership with 1 of the Telco Cell providers in Egypt.
    • MOU: Signed MOU with E-JUST University.
  • Technology KPI:
    • Patent: Zero-Calibration Accurate RF-Based Localization System for Realistic Environments.
    • Conference Papers:
      • A Robust Zero-Calibration RF-based Localization System for Realistic Environments.
      • A Calibration-free RF Localization System.