Virtual Tutor

CFP: #6 Round: 2
Unversity/Faculty: Cairo University Project Type: PDP Company: The Engineering Company for Digital Systems Development
ITAC Fund: EGP 1M Start Date: 3/18/2008 End Date: 9/1/2009

Project Output:

An authoring toolkit for interactive books that integrate state-of-the-art human language and communication technologies to provide students with effective learning experiences that include: Arabic Text to Speech, Arabic Speech Recognition and talking faces as interactive virtual Tutor.

Project KPIs:

  • CI
    • Contracting with a Saudi Company to enable blind students to have access to the e-courses in KAU.
    • Contract with World Islamic Call Society, Libya, to covert several books to e-book versions.
    • Contract with a publishing agency in the Sultanate of Oman to covert several books and courses to e-book versions.
  • TI: (1) journal publication
  • JC: 10 Engineers