Optimized Implementation of Tuning Mechanisms in Reconfigurable RF Resonators for Advanced Wireless Systems

CFP: #99 Round: 17
Unversity/Faculty: The British University in Egypt Project Type: PRP Company: N/A
ITAC Fund: EGP 228,677 Start Date: 7/1/2015 End Date: Ongoing

Project Output:

The project aim at producing a complete/working hardware proof-of-concept that demonstrates an optimized method/technique for the incorporation of RF switching elements (such as RF MEMS or similar elements) into the hardware of geometrically reconfigurable RF planar resonators, to provide stepped-tuning in the frequency response while keeping optimal performance.

Project KPIs:

Technology Indicator:

Journal Article: Proof of Perturbational Duality Between Classical Cavities and Planar Resonators with Magnetic Side-walls