Supporting MSEs in the field of ICT

Within the framework of the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to increase growth rate in the sector and overcome the obstacles facing Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) which represent the vast majority of companies and play an important role in the development of the local economy and availing jobs, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) announces a new 2013 round of the project encouraging MSEs in the field of ICT to develop Egyptian ICT products that can compete in local and regional markets. The project parameters are as follows:

  • Project’s budget: 20 Million EGP 
  • Submission of proposals: Starts on 18/4/2013 – Ends on 7/5/2013
  • Q&A session: 28/4/2013
  • End of evaluation and results: 26/5/2013 
  • Starting date of the contractual process: 2/6/2013 
  • Submitting final products: 31/10/2013 
  • End of project: 28/11/2013

Beneficiaries Companies

After evaluating each submitted application form by 3 separate specialized committees, please find the Evaluation Result of the MSEs 2013 project.

Beneficiary companies should prepare the following documents before the date of signing the contracts (which will be informed by email). However, ITIDA will remain its right to reject signing the contract in case that documents are in progress or incomplete.

  • Identical copy of Commercial Registration dated 2013
  • Copy of Tax Form “Renewed”
  • Valid Insurance Form (2) dated 2013 (include it; if not available, the responsible person should present a signed declaration form for providing it)
  • A stamped printout of the “Product Page” from the Application Form
  • A declaration form using the attached template should be submitted, including the total number of employees (insured and non insured)
  • Original declaration of the integrity of the application form signed and stamped
  • Team information using the attached template signed by all team members and certified by company manager and stamped
  • Clear copies of national identification for all team member (mentioned in item 7)
  • Letter of Authority to proceed on behalf of the company, shall be signed from the responsible person who has the legal right to sign on behalf of the company according to its commercial registration form
  • Fulfill the missing registration’s data in ITIDA’s database


  • Company Stamp should be available with your company’s representative during the contracting day.
  • In case of adding a new member, his CV, a copy of his ID and his insurance form should be provided.
  • Signature should be signed with full name to the responsible person that entitled to sign on behalf of the company.

Project Support Document

For any inquiries, please contact us on or call 16246  

Further information