Supporting MSEs Marketing Capacities:

ITIDA is pleased to announce start of supporting Egyptian ICT Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Marketing Capacities through the MSEs Support Program budget with 100% Financial support.

Terms& Conditions:

  • Egyptian owned company
  • Working in the field of ICT.
  • Registered in ITIDA database.
  • Commercially Registered before January 2012.
  • Have 50 or less registered full time employees.
  • Haven’t previously benefited from MSEs Support Program.

Terms of reimbursement:

  1. Each company is to provide the following items two weeks prior to event participation:
    • Official event participation document.
    • Confirmed reservation (e-ticket receipt) for travel and accommodation (hotel voucher) for travelers.
    • A form demonstrating purposes of participation and the total expected cost (please see the links on the bottom of the page)
  2. The company provides the following after return:
    • Photocopies of passports together with seals of entry and exit.
    • Original copies of invoices with expenses been spent during event.
    • A special report of participation in the event and targets achieved
  3. Fund will be disbursed in two installments for each event:
    • 30% down payment when applying for the event and paperwork submission
    • Final payment 70% at return from the event and the rest of paperwork

To submit for marketing activities:

In case of participation as an exhibitor (Single Intervention)
In case of participation as a visitor (Business Trip)

Further information