Supporting MSEs in the field of ICT

In recognition of the central role played by Micro and Small enterprises in the Egyptian GDP, and in light of the economic challenges resulting from the present conditions in Egypt and their repercussions on the MSEs working in the ICT sector, the Government of Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is pleased to announce two emergency calls targeting MSEs and aiming at boosting their activities.

The calls will be made by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA). The mandate of ITIDA is to support the Egyptian IT industry through entering new markets and increasing their exports, strengthening business ties with existing markets and enhancing the capacities of local start-ups. As part of its national development strategy, ITIDA focuses on developing MSEs by providing them with direct and indirect financial support through a set of programs.The calls are made in the context of emergency measures adopted to revive MSEs’ activities:

Beneficiaries Companies

    After evaluating each submitted application form by 3 separate specialized committees, the result is as attached. Beneficiary companies should prepare the following before March 8, 2012 as they will be contacted regarding setting the date for contracting, however, it should be emphasized that contracting and providing support will not be done except after providing all needed documentation:

    • Identical copy of Commercial Registration dated 2012
    • Copy of Tax Form
    • Insurance Form 2 dated 2012
    • Original declaration of the integrity of the application form information signed and stamped
    • Team information using the attached template signed by all team members and certified by company manager and stamped
    • Clear copies of national identification for each and every team member
    • Completing the missing registration data in ITIDA’s database


Project 1: Developing Egyptian ICT Products : Support Documents

Project 2: Marketing Activities  : Support Documents

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