About GROW IT:

As part of the Egyptian IT Industry's National Development Strategy, ITIDA launched its Enterprise Capacity Building Program "GrowIT" to increase the international competitiveness of 100 Egyptian IT companies that are either existing exporters or have export potential.
ITIDA has contracted ATOS Origin Consortium, leading international management firms, to offer consulting services to the selected companies.


A pool of national and international business consultants is assigned to collaborate with the beneficiary companies to help them achieve the following objectives:

  • Become more effective and efficient and increase their export potential;
  • Have the capacity to successfully manage the market-led development, production, and business management process of products/services;
  • Identify and implement potential improvements in operational marketing and financial areas.

To help encourage local companies to participate in the program, ITIDA subsidizes 90% of the total cost of the consulting services rendered to companies. Companies are only due to pay 10% of total cost of best practices implementation.

Beneficiary Companies

The participating companies should meet the following eligibility criteria and selection criteria to be approved by ITIDA:

Eligibility Criteria: Eligible companies for the program should be have the following criteria:

  • Egyptian-owned company with more than (50% Egyptian ownership or under control of Egyptian Board for public companies).
  • Headquartered in Egypt, at least 80% of company payroll is based in Egypt.
  • Have at least 10 registered full time employees

Selection Criteria: Among eligible applicants, companies as assigned objective scores of 11 parameters, weights are assigned to each parameter based on the program objectives, a final score will be calculated based on the weighted scores of the following parameters:

  • Revenue per Employee
  • Export per Employee
  • Revenue Growth over the last three years
  • Export Growth over the last three years  
  • Percent of Egyptian Ownership
  • Profit Growth over the last three years 
  • Patents Owned
  • Certifications and Partnership with Multinational Companies
  • Total Export Revenue
  • Total Revenue
  • Company Experience (years since company started)

Program Phases

Grow IT Team of consultants will work with selected companies, throughout the following phases, to identify operational inefficiencies and skills gaps and recommend and implement methods to enhance efficiency and increase competitiveness.

Phase I. Assessment:

Company Information will be carefully analyzed to determine maturity status regarding three key aspects:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Finance

During this phase, each company's business management practices are benchmarked against international best practices. This phase is expected to span over a period of 20 weeks. The outcomes of this phase include the following:

  • Diagnostic Report identifying areas for development relative to international benchmarks
  • Prioritization Map listing initiatives that needs to be implemented to tackle identified areas of improvement according to their priority.
  • Business Upgrade Plan (BUP) defining objectives, strategies, tactics and plan for implementing priority initiatives.

Phase II: Delivery:

During this phase, improvement initiatives agreed upon with enrolled companies will be implemented. Companies will be coached by Grow IT consultants in areas ranging from HR and operations to marketing, finance and strategy. The duration of the delivery phase will vary according to each company's Business Upgrade Plan.

ITIDA Announces 100 Companies Selected for Grow IT Program.


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