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In light of ITIDA ongoing support to develop the local IT industry as well as boosting the exports of local IT firms, ITIDA launched the  Go to GCC program in cooperation with IDC “A leading global provider of market intelligence and advisory services.



The program aims at supporting Egyptian IT firms in penetrating the GCC market through providing a platform for partnerships with leading system integrators and channel partners in the GCC region. The program provides the Local Companies with various forms of support including, networking events, marketing intelligence and continuous interaction throughout the entire program’s stages.


222 ICT Firms applied to the program, and the selection was for the 80 Egyptian companies with the highest export revenues.


The program key stages include the following:

  • Program Orientation: ITIDA and IDC conducted different orientation functions, including workshops, face to face meetings, regular newsletters and other communication means to provide participating companies with information about the program key stages and milestones, benefits, and expectations.
  • Egyptian Companies Export Capability Assessment: IDC Analysts conducted deep dive analysis into the export capabilities of the Egyptian companies to identify their skill sets & resources, competencies and industry experience.
  • GCC Market Analysis: IDC analysts conducted in depth interviews with the biggest system integrators, Independent software vendors and distributors across the GCC region to analyze their requirements and gauge their potential for partnerships with Egyptian companies.
  • Match Making Analysis: Structured matchmaking was developed  whereby a shortlist of 45 Egyptian companies were matched with their potential Gulf partners. The Matchmaking analysis was based on14 CSF (Critical Success Factor) assessing Egyptian companies’ capabilities against market needs.
  • Market Intelligence and Bullet Proofing for Selected Egyptian Companies:  IDC in association with ITIDA conducted  a workshop for Local companies prior to the GTM matchmaking events to present the results of the analysis and provide  market intelligence to Egyptian companies on how to tackle the GCC market, market demands of the potential GCC channel partners and information about the key inhibitors for Egyptian businesses in the GCC.
    In addition, IDC analysts conducted one to one bullet proofing sessions for each of the participating local companies, to discuss their market offering and provide information on their potential partners that they will meet during the matchmaking events.
  • GTM Matchmaking events in Dubai and Riyadh: Information Technology Industry Development Agency "ITIDA" and International Data Corporation "IDC" held ‘Business Without Barriers’ amatchmaking event in Dubai on May 24th, and in Riyadh on May 26th,2010. The matchmaking event was a good opportunity for creating better business relations.
  • Ongoing Support: IDC" provided 6 month  consultancy support post the GTM events for facilitating business relations between the two parties by supporting the Egyptian and Gulf corporations in its endeavor for establishing sustainable trade relations of mutual benefit. 

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