ManageIT Phase 3

ManageIT Value Proposition: Empowering Your IT Business

Competing in the knowledge economy necessitates high-skilled and competent knowledge workers, who are continuously exposed to management international best practices and leadership talents. ManageIT is a skill development program offered by ITIDA serving the information technology as a pillar industry in Egypt. The program offers ICT professionals a set of business skills development courses custom-tailored to sharpen managerial skills and professional competencies indispensable to boost their business enterprises and leverage their competitive advantage.

ManageIT newly launched phase III follows various advanced training methodologies taking traditional class-based courses to a higher level of skills enhancement and competence development. Skill development tools include group work, case studies, business simulations and educational games designed to have a massive impact on learning objectives and after-course behavior within the business environment.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Eligible Companies for this program are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Registered company in ITIDA database.
  • The company affirms that in case the candidate does not attend the minimum number of course sessions and/or does not pass the assessment (if exists), the company will be responsible for covering the training course full fees.
  • There are limited seats available per each training course. Accordingly, seats will be allocated to the qualified candidates based on “first-come, first-served”.
  • A candidate can apply in only two training courses. (the second training course is subject to ITIDA’s acceptance)
  • Filling the application form does not guarantee acceptance as the program steering committee still reviews the candidate’s profile with course requirements to issue acceptance.
  • ITIDA subsidizes the course fees by a percentage depending on the company size as follow:
    • Micro-sized: 90% subsidy
    • Small-sized: 80% subsidy
    • Medium-sized: 70% subsidy
    • Large -sized: 60% subsidy
  • The total cost of each training course will be paid in advance. After completing the course, the fees subsidy will be refunded to the beneficiary company upon successful completion of the course. A special offer exists in the program first rounds, in which the company pays only its share of the course fees.
  • Successful participants (must attend the minimum number of course sessions and/or does not pass the assessment (if exists))receive a certificate of accomplishment.

Registration Process

  • For registration, please select the course from the courses list within the offered tracks and click on the corresponding Register button to fill in a registration form.
  • A letter of acceptance will be received if the participant is eligible for the course. A training contract will accompany the letter to be signed by the enterprise head and communicated back to ITIDA before the course starts.
  • Upon receiving the acceptance email, the necessary documents and the course fees must be delivered and paid at the training provider premises within 5 days from receiving the acceptance email. If this due date is not respected, the participant may lose the opportunity to enroll in the requested course. The necessary documents to be submitted are:
    • Copy of the national ID.
    • A stamped Nomination Letter signed by the CEO and HR manager.

ManageIT Program Processes

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellation occurs two weeks before the beginning of the course, the tuition fees can be totally refunded.
  • If cancellation occurs one week before the first day of the course, 10% will be deducted for registration process.
  • If cancellation occurs within one week before the first day of the course, 25% will be deducted for registration process.
  • No refund after the course starts.
  • Cancelation policy doesn’t apply in the promotion phase (Till October 2015) if cancelation takes place within two weeks before the course.

For further inquiries about the program, please send an email to: or contact ITIDA’s call center at 16CIT (16248).

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