Middle Management Track

Target Profile of Attendees

Eligible middle managers for this track have a defined authority and responsibility for a significant business area of work, and are accountable for their actions and decisions taken by themselves and their subordinates. They could be working under a broad direction, but are fully accountable for meeting their assigned business objectives. They often initiate their own work and influence policy formation of the whole enterprise through their specialized business area.

In brief, middle managers are those who initiate work and influence the business dynamics of their business enterprises.

Standard candidate titles may fall within the following: Vice Presidents, Directors, Department head, Division head, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, R&D Manager, HR Manager, IT Manager, PR and Media Manager, Program Manager, or any other responsibility matching these levels.

List of Courses

  • Marketing & Branding-“Differentiate Or Die”
  • Sales Management-“Sales Vision"
  • Finance And Strategy– “The Yard Stick”
  • Human Resources Management – “Driving Performance”
  • Leadership And Management–“Situational Leadership II"
  • Innovation And R&D Management-“Leading Innovation"
  • Operations Management –“Operations Excellence”
  • Talent Wars “Tango Business Simulation"
  • ICONS “Supervisor Boot Camp” – Call Center Track
  • Cyber Marketing “Digital Marketing Essentials"

The courses are delivered through the following Vodafone consortium:

# Entity Name Website
1 Vodafone International Services (VIS)
2 Knowledge
3 Nile University
4 AB & Associates
5 Leadership Training and Consultancy (LTC)

For futher inquiries about the program, please send an email to: or contact ITIDA’s call center at 16CIT (16248).

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