ICT Skills Framework and Talents Registry

Industry Capacity Building Department is in the process of launching a national program to develop an ICT Skills Framework for Egyptian ICT industry to follow nationally in talent management and planning ICT workforce. These two objectives are to be achieved through a national talent registry portal for ICT workforce to perform skill gap analyses across the sector pursuant to the developed ICT skills framework and will be used as a decision support system for stakeholders.


The program aims to implement the following two main components:

1.ICT Skills Framework

A Reference Framework for Skills related to Egyptian ICT industry categorized professions. Associated with identified capacity building needs to acquire specific skills/competencies for up-scaling.

This framework will be used in the following areas:

  • For Companies:
  • Enabling management to assess skills, develop capability and target capacity building and development activities to ensure that they have the appropriate ICT skills to realize their strategic business plans, yielding an effective human talent management within ICT industry as one of ITIDA’s strategic goals.
  • For Individuals:
  • ICT professionals will capitalize on this framework for their career planning and building their skills to target specific professions within ICT industry. Career guidance for unemployed ICT workforce.
  • For Government:
  • To standardize the ICT Skill definitions, streamline skill development initiatives, ..etc.

2.ICT Talents Registry

2.1.Registry database:

  • This is a dynamic web portal containing a registry of Egyptian ICT human capital talents categorized by specific ICT sectors and experience profiles.
  • ICT Talents Registry is a vital human capital resource repository for:
    • Decision makers to understand national talent gaps, set optimum human capital development plans and lay strategic directions to effectively develop the ICT industry.
    • The government and industry to assess, recruit, and train the right ICT professionals.
    • Foreign investors to recognize the real potential of Egyptian ICT human talents, yielding more FDI opportunities. (Necessary for due diligence and identification of the exact skills needed for FDI)

2.2.Tools for ICT Skills Gap Analysis and Assessment

  • These are valued reports and indicators generated from careful study of the local skills registry supply and the skills demand of specific sectors mapped to our national ICT skills framework. Reprots wil be used to generate human ICT skills gaps, capacity building development needs, career path development, as well as optimize training program offerings

3.DSS for Stakeholders

  • This is a set of innovative Decision Support System tools for capability assessment, skill mapping, gap analysis, career coaching, training needs identification, and extracting related valued knowledge needed.
  • These are the enablers of decision makers either in the government or in the industry sector to effectively get the most value out of ICT Talents Registry and ICT Skills Framework to achieve optimum human capital managment.
  • ITIDA will use it to dynamically generate accurate and updated valuable indicators about the ICT talent pool in Egypt for FDI, national reports, and diffrent international benchmarking reports.
  • In this respect, ITIDA is now in the process of issuing a request for information from over 18 international consulting firms with profound experiences in developing ICT Skills Frameworks , covering part 1 of the program. Part 2, concerning the development of ICT Talents registry , will be issued as an RFP to all highly competent firms once ICT Skills Framework is developed.

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