GrowIT Phase 3

Program overview:

Grow IT program is considered to be the flagship program among ITIDA’s offerings to the community of ICT companies. It is geared towards helping the ICT companies streamline their business in order to achieve better competitiveness locally and internationally, leading to a general growth in the sector and an increase in the export capacity of these companies.

The program has gone through several phases of execution since 2008. Currently phase 3 is launched in May 2015, which targets to offer services to 50 companies Micro, Small, and Medium.

Main Objectives are to assist the SMEs to:

The objective of the GrowIT program is to build the capacities of the ICT MSMEs to improve and streamline their business processes in different areas of business management functions in order to achieve a better competitiveness profile in both their local and international markets.

Eligibility Criteria:

The beneficiary enterprises should meet the following criteria:

  • More than 50% Egyptian owned.
  • Registered in ITIDA database.
  • A company should send all its official documents to the ITIDA Repository Center to be eligible for the program.
  • Headquartered in Egypt.
  • A considerable list of customer references
  • Availability of a high-level business plan that’s followed.
  • A Sustainable business model.
  • Availability of a specialized workforce that can implement the growth plans.
  • Serving multiple markets through multiple branches (Medium-sized enterprises only).

The Consortiums engaged delivery of the program Services:

Two consortiums of local consultancy firms are involved in implementing phase 3 of the GrowIT program.

Methodology followed:

The methodology is composed of a number of processes and analytical tools that cover 7 generic business areas: Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Project Management, and Innovation management. Companies go through 3 phases of Assessment, Implementation and Post-Assessment to guarantee that KPIs are met and maturity growth is achieved in the implemented business upgrade plans. A pre-assessment phase precedes the start of the program to approve enterprises to receive the program services.

From companies’ assessment to best practices implementation, the methodology encompasses capacity coaching and knowledge transfer. Enabling the assessment and development of companies’ capabilities and future prospects. For medium enterprises the will be used to support the initial analysis of each company to determine the consulting modules that will be implemented for each beneficiary enterprise.

Comprehensive Transformation Model for Medium Enterprises SOFT Model for Micro and Small Enterprises

The program begins with signing a contract between the beneficiary enterprise and ITIDA and is divided into four main phases:

  • 1. Pre-Assessment
    In this phase, a preliminary pre-assessment is carried out for all registered companies that pass the minimum eligibility criteria. The purpose of this phase is to select the most promising business enterprises according to the full eligibility criteria that guarantee a measurable impact of the program services on their business growth.
  • 2. The Assessment Phase:
    In this phase the consultants will perform the following tasks:
    • Detailed company assessment where the consultants will assess a company’s capabilities against international best practices, and deliver a Diagnostic Report with a prioritization map to identify agreed upon priorities for the areas that need improvement.
    • Finally, the consultants will develop a Business Upgrade Plan (BUP) that will define the plans for implementing the business management best practices within the areas requiring improvement.
  • 3. The Implementation Phase
    During this phase, the consultants will work with each beneficiary company to implement its agreed upon Business Upgrade Plan (BUP). These BUPs will include business management best practices applied to each specific company, ensuring that the consulting services will be tailored to each company as based on the assessment.
  • 4. Re-Assessment Phase
    The re-assessment shall be done through reapplication of the gap analysis by different consultants to monitor achievements that occurred during the grace period given (6 Months).

Program Processes

GrowIT Program Processes

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