Grow IT Completion Ceremony

As an achievement to the Grow IT Program the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) celebrated the graduation of 38 companies from the Grow IT Program last week on Tuesday November 20th, 2012 under the auspices and attendance of Eng. Yasser El Kady, ITIDA CEO.

The companies finalized both the Assessment Phase with its different stages starting from the Diagnostic Interviews, going through the Prioritization data gathering and ending by defining the Business Upgrade Plan (BUP) and the Implementation Phase during which the specialized consultants’ team worked on the implementation of the selected best practices.

In this big event formal certificates and trophies were distributed to the 38 beneficiary companies.

As part of its commitment to the local scene, ITIDA launched its Enterprise Capacity Building Program "Grow IT" in September 2008 in cooperation with Atos Consortium (Atos Origin, Hewitt, Arthur D. Little, QAI and CID) to increase the international competitiveness of 100 Egyptian IT Companies that are existing exporters, or who have export potential. Grow IT seeks to support companies to increase their local market share, enhance their export capabilities, and penetrate new markets.

Up to 75 highly qualified consultants were involved, out of which 45  international and 30  local, were engaged and mobilized on the ground working with these companies backed up with ITIDA team and the project management unit. Such a diversified environment aimed to ensure that the desired services are provided and that the beneficiary companies can get the maximum benefit of the program.

More than 130 best practices were implemented successfully. For each of the Best Practices, the implementation methodology passed through different stages, adapted to each one of the disciplines involved in the best practice.

  • In the first stage, the current processes implemented in the Company are being analysis by gathering information about the involved employees, involved roles, process flow, and IT tools and any processes interaction.
  • Secondly consultants prepare the new process design, by scheming new process flow, new data flow, and new data sources.
  • The final stage of implementation includes the creation of new data sources needed, approving of the pilot and “going live” which means training all involved employees on the new process, and discarding old process.
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