Human Resources Capital Building Programs (HRCBPs)

Driven by talents development, ITIDA has set a number of strategic HR capital building programs to provide world-class training and academic initiatives. These programs aim at building a skilled workforce and secure a continuous pool of candidates ready for direct employment after graduation with minimal requirements for further training.

HRCBPs are following a comprehensive talent development and management framework that is evolved by industry requirements and team cumulative experience.  HRCBPs aspire after leveraging the language, soft skills and technical skills of the Egyptian graduates based on the industry requirements. The overall strategy stimulates multinational training programs, including sales, marketing, business development, and finance. These programs are considered a milestone in bridging the employability gap which will help Egyptian graduates leapfrog into a global workforce culture.

Existing educational initiatives have partnered with multinational companies such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and others to develop outstanding skill-based programs that are affordable to the local market. Core projects include Nile University, ICT Professional Training Program, Export and Investment Promotion Program, and the Medical Transcription Training Program.

HRCBPs also serve the ICT industry and the society in many variances

  • Design  and Implement a variety of effective, scalable, and flexible initiatives.
  •  Provide creative solutions and services with quality and efficiency.
  •   Integrate with the industry in various forms.
  • Partner with and maximize the role of different players in the HR capital building eco-system.
  • Provide thought leadership and consultancy to partners and industry through different panels, think groups and task forces.
  • Minimizing spending and maximizing impact through innovative program development and governance.

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