Main HR Capital Building Development Programs

1.  Academia Programs

Designed to train university graduates on soft, technical and language skills required by the industry, while enhancing the employability of the Egyptian graduates.

1.1 Education Development Program for Egyptian Universities (EDUEgypt)

Egypt has a large annual graduating talent pool of more than 330,000 students, with 66,000 graduating in commerce, 16,000 in engineering, and 17,000 emerging with science and technology degrees. Within that pool, a large portion of students are technologically skilled, multilingual, achievement-focused, and uniquely suited to exceed in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHE), and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) have joined forces to introduce “employability” skills programs in the tertiary education stage, in a project entitled: EduEgypt.

EDUEgypt is the result of close collaboration between ITIDA, universities, leading companies involved in BPO training, and multinational clients.

EduEgypt provides undergraduate training using soft skills, language abilities, and technical competence; enhancing the skills of Egyptian university graduates and preparing them for local and global marketplaces. This effort is a part of a workforce development initiative aimed at narrowing the gap between student readiness and employer expectations.

EDUEgypt is currently running in 14 universities and 42 faculties around Egypt.

28000 is the total number of BPO/ITO trainees in the program during the last 4 years.

20 training BPO/ITO companies are engaged in the implementation.

231 certified BPO trainers are enrolled in EDUEgypt program.

22 international certified master trainers, EDUEgypt international partners have designed (train the master trainer training course) and implemented it in 2012, within EDUEgypt knowledge transfer program.

3 Employment fairs took place after the completion for each phase, where companies had the opportunity to meet the students, test them and proceed further to the interviewing process.

  • EduEgypt – BPO Training is a joint initiative between Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Ministry of Higher Education to increase the talent supply for BPO/ITO companies.
  • EDUEgypt - ITO Training as part of academic  programs is collaborating with technical faculties to enhance the ITO talent supply from technical and fundamental employability skills required by industry.  

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