Pivotal Location and Supportive Government

In late 2016, Egypt embarked on a structural economic reform program supported by the International Monetary Fund, IMF, to rejuvenate the country’s growth prospects, and unleash economy’s potential. The new investment law and free zones development guarantee paramount support and alluring incentives for investors. Moreover, the government offers investors extensive support and aftercare, including market intelligence, due diligence, training, talent development, telecommunication, set-up/expansion support, competitive office spaces and a dedicated account manager for each investor.

Egypt, enjoying a central geographic location as a transcontinental country, is connected to many parts of the world through daily direct flights and have time zone similar to Central Europe, where local providers applying follow-the-sun (FTS) workflow to fulfill business continuity. Egypt has an internet backbone which connects over 60 countries via 18 routes of up to 60 Tbps cables capacity and infrastructure is being scaled up especially with the recent introduction of 4G technology.

An Abundance of Talent at Competitive Cost

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