BPO Services

One of the marked characteristics of the US$ 400 billion Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry globally over the last few years has been the evolution from cost to quality. As a comparatively new player in the market, Egypt has been able to emerge – with a strong value proposition - to take advantage of this new era in BPO.

Key to Egypt’s success has been its ability to provide - in addition to lower costs and higher quality – both graduates with multilingual skills, and a location offering geographical and cultural affinities to its clients. These factors have become increasingly important as the industry has matured – and Egypt is proving it can achieve the task head on.

Just some of Egypt’s key BPO success stories so far include a 600 seat global resource center for IBM; a global application support center for Oracle with approximately 500 engineers; 1,736 call center agents for Vodafone who serve the Middle East, Australia, UK and New Zealand; and both a global innovation center (one of only two in the world) and call center for Microsoft.

The pace of development in the industry is still rising, and simply equalling the client’s resources and processes is no longer sufficient to keep up with the game. The next phase of BPO development will be innovation, and increasingly a country’s ability to improve and advance on clients’ existing systems and models will be what keeps them ahead of the competition.

With its abundant talent pool of multi-talented, technologically savvy graduates; its low cost of operations; high quality infrastructure; and strong government support Egypt is expertly placed to create this sense of innovation in its offer, and further grow and develop its positioning as a leader in the global BPO industry.

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