Digital Transformation and New Models of Innovation

  • Date: 10th April 2016.
  • Venue: ITIDA Main Hall.
  • Time: 10:30 A.M.
  • Duration: 3 hrs.


The IT innovation world is becoming more and more dynamic, with enterprises willing to invest in state of the art technologies that can help them differentiate their offerings from their competitors, reach new markets and increase their customer satisfaction. To support the Egyptian ICT companies in their journey to technological excellence, the Market Analytics and Research team in ITIDA has the pleasure to invite you to explore the latest trends in the 3rd platform technologies with our renowned speakers from all around the world, to share their experiences and insights.

For your convenience, below is a snapshot about the topics that will be covered during the workshop by the honorable speakers from IDC. The event will be hosted in ITIDA’s premise, main hall.

Steven Frantzen

Steven Frantzen

Senior VP, EMEA Region MD, CEMA Region IDC

Helping Your Customers Take a Leadership Position with Digital Transformation

Organizations in all industries and all geographies are undergoing a significant transformation in their business models. They are creating new models, products, and services that blend the digital and physical technologies seamlessly in order to create customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies and organizational performance. Making this digital transformation requires transformation on multiple fronts – from leadership to the management of information and labor, to new operating models and customer experiences. This session will highlight IDC’s research around Digital Transformation, offer perspectives on how new technology innovations will drive monumental changes in the coming years and how ICT players can capitalize on these trends.

Erik Berggren

Erik Berggren

VP of Research IDC

Innovating with Cloud - New Infrastructure Models

As the evolution of new infrastructure models emerge, new demands for cloud based service delivery are driving critical IT requirements for network, storage, and automation software. The propagation of private cloud adoption are driving significant business outcomes that drive new needs for IT leaders and organizations, and new value opportunities that increase agility, speed, and quality, while offering lower operating costs. This session will help the industry better understand the needs of CIO’s and opportunities that these new infrastructure components can offer.

Mike Jennett

Mike Jennett

VP Mobility Strategies IDC

Leading Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is the most visible part of the disruption of the 3rd Platform. As this consumer phenomenon moves into the enterprise world, users are expecting no less from their business apps than what they get with their consumer mobile experience. To harness the possibilities of mobile, the ICT industry must realize how critical enterprise mobility is for their customer’s (CIO) business, market, and industry. This session will address the impact on IT of mobility trends that are driving the surge in “anytime-anywhere” business initiatives triggered by BYOD, distributed work and customer centricity.

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