Investor Briefing Series of Events

This inaugural event of a series held by Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), is to be conducted periodically with the greater goal of accommodating said entity’s mandates. That said, the events aim at highlighting the competitive strengths and capabilities of Egypt, which is positioned as a regional leading sourcing hub within the global sourcing spectrum. The series will establish a direct channel of sustainable communication with existing and prospective investors adhering to a fully fledged ecosystem.

The events, organized by IIBD, will encapsulate captivating sourcing industry discussion platforms disclosing insights into successful market approaches, successes, challenges and connects directly with key government officials as well as business leaders within the industry. Said, events will permit open door relations for potential business in alignment with first-hand information on the latest opportunities. Moreover, realistic tutorials can be encountered from key contacts and existing foreign market players in Egypt, transferring customized advice that help maximize potential investment to our nation.

The events are custom-tailored to host world-renowned analysts, unveiling latest industry trends, dynamics and climate changes straight from point of inception. Simultaneously, analysts will experience actual on site sight exposure to Egypt’s unique characteristics and successes in the sourcing field that will ineviebitely be manifested in charting Egypt among leading sourcing destinations via intricate comparative analysis and rectifying global perceptions.

That in hand, ITIDA’s capabilities in sustaining a harmonious and accommodating eco-system will substantially enhance. On that note, ITIDA will capitalize on these periodical events, by addressing the FDI sourcing community in Egypt and revealing announcements.

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