Industry Voice Forum for Small Enterprises

As ITIDA is keen to listen to its partners from the Industry through various communication channels, kindly be informed that ITIDA decided to establish the Industry Voice Forum for “Small Enterprises”. The forum is a new platform targeting the industry professionals to engage with ITIDA and with each other to reach a better understanding of the Small Businesses challenges and needs. The forum shall be realized through brainstorming sessions in collaboration with the industry professionals. The recommendations of these sessions shall be incorporated in adapting more customized initiatives that would have higher impact on developing such special segment of the industry at the short, medium, and long terms.

Forum Main objectives:

  • Keeping track of challenges facing small enterprises that are critically hindering their potential growth.
  • Continuously evaluating the performance of ITIDA’s initiatives and foreseeing ways of enhancements for a better tuning.
  • Collaborating in and innovating new initiatives that ITIDA should adopt.
  • Playing as a direct communication channel with the industry for sustaining the growth and guaranteeing the competitiveness of small enterprises.

Out of the forum ITIDA is planning to form specialized focus groups from the industry professionals representing the Small Enterprises segment in some specific verticals and key technology areas. These focus groups are expected to put more insights into further details of the way forward to enhance these specific verticals and technology specializations through specialized clusters that could be nurtured by ITIDA.

As you are representing an ICT Small Enterprise, you are cordially invited to attend the “Industry Voice Forum for “Small Enterprises” on Tuesday 17th of Feb 2015 at ITIDA premises in Smart Village from 10:00 am till 1:00 pm.

Eligibility for the Small Enterprise to attend:

  • Registered in ITIDA database.
  • Owned by Egyptians with more than 50% of its share.
  • The Small enterprise has a manpower from 10 to 49 employees.
  • The annual revenue gained is more than one million EGP and less than 10 million EGP.
  • Headquartered in Egypt.


Title From To
Welcoming Speech 10:00am 10:10am
Small Enterprise Challenges and Needs for Growth 10:10am 11:00pm
ITIDA Initiatives Review and Potential New Ones 11:00pm 11:50am
Conclusions and Closing 11:50am 12:15am
Networking Reception 12:15am 1pm
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