ITIDA HR vision is to be the employer of choice in the Egyptian employment market by attracting, developing and retaining adequately and highly qualified people. HR plays key role in developing the skills of ITIDA main asset "PEOPLE" and creates a motivating environment that inspires ITIDA people to achieve the organization goals.

HR in ITIDA acts as a business partner who constantly strives to support ITIDA in achieving its vision of being the service provider of its industry through devoted  and competent staff who adhere to work ethics, global standards, latest technology and solutions. HR emphasizes on continuous improvement of its resources and services to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

Based on the excellence of our human resources, our employees will enable us to become a leader and role model of the industry:

  • By ensuring the excellence of our HR processes.
  • By maintaining a workplace where people feel good career content.
  • By measuring our results using systems of recognition based on performance.
  • By creating a groundbreaking and rewarding environment that attracts, keeps and develops talent.

Our People

Our employees are central to the success and development of the country and that is why ITIDA gives priority to its staff as well as their families. Our achievements could not be done without their contributions.

ITIDA is always seeking highly skilled, enthusiastic, self-motivated, ambitious, and loyal individuals who appreciate team spirit. ITIDA endeavors to retain them through the following elements:-

  • Continuing to develop our internal (and external) talent network to ensure we acquire the best people.
  • Developing an equality program internally to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and consistently.
  • Developing our training initiatives and identifying promotion opportunities.
  • Implementing organization development and communication processes and ensuring effective change management procedures are in place.
  • Reviewing and developing internal communication strategies to ensure employees are fully briefed on all business matters.

By creating a groundbreaking and rewarding environment that attracts, keeps and develops talent.

To submit your résumé, e-mail us your resumé along with a recent personal photo to our Human Resources Department

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