Title: Networks Security Engineer

Department: ESCC

Email: hrd.itida@itida.gov.eg

Tasks Required :

  • Designing and implementing secure networks and information and achieving the technical integration (firewalls, protection modules from hackers, electronic protection alternatives ... etc), whether for government agencies or the private sector.
  • Encrypting and securing the E-mail.
  • Secure the infrastructure for electronic transactions systems.
  • Using smart cards to access the operating systems of computers and services of the user management.

  • Qualifications Required:

  • A university degree/ Communication Engineering is preferred with at least very good degree.
  • Fluency In English
  • Experience of 2 to 3 years in network engineering and information security.
  • Have certificates in , CCNA, CCSP, Firewall Specialist, information security specialist MCSE + Security or their equivalents.
  • Knowing how to develop and implement networking, as well as the policies of securing networks, and of achieving a good adaption among them all .
  • The know- how of the archiving systems in network engineering and securing information.
  • The awareness of the technical issues relevant to PKI.
  • Must have the following feature: o Objective. o Analytical o Persistent

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