Title: Network and Information Security Systems Engineer

Department: ROOT CA

Email: hrd.itida@itida.gov.eg

Tasks Required :

  • Ensuring the Running of the Root-CA according to the necessary security constraints.
  • Securing the Root-CA data with the use of the firewalls and IPS.
  • Establishing the necessary secured network.
  • Ensuring the running of the Directory service around the clock.
  • Ensuring the internet availability around the clock required for the verification process.
  • Installing the required programs to run E-Signature at IITID.
  • Establishing OCSP and ensuring its Update with the necessary speed and ensuring the users accessibility around the clock.
  • Providing the time stamp works.
  • Managing and following the Back system.
  • Ensuring the accessibility and safety of the DNS of the Root-CA on the internet around the clock .
  • Installing and loading the programs of the ALG.
  • Installing and loading the Router sets with the internet.
  • Participating in establishing the Root-CA disaster Recovery site and ensuring of the running of both the Main and DR sites according with necessary international technical and security specifications
  • Launching a testing for both the main and Dr sites ensuring of the running of both the Main and DR sites according to the items mentioned in the contract.
  • Archiving the clients’ files and ensuring its safety.
  • Participating in the supervision of the E-Signature application for the governmental entities .
  • Working to pursue the ways of the international mutual recognition between Egypt and international CAs.
  • Participating in adapting the required procedures to launch Egypt Root-CA as an expertise House.
  • Participating in inserting the E-signature in the National ID.
  • Applying disaster plan in case of facing any problem.
  • Working on behalf of the Directory Engineer in case of any technical issue in the Main Site.
  • Participating and following achieving the annual objectives specified by the Dept Manager in the light of the Agency regulations and maintain cooperation with other colleagues and other departments as well.
  • Participating in lunching workshops and training sessions inside Egypt, providing consultations trying t to spread the public awareness of the E-signature Technology

  • Qualifications Required:

  • A university degree/ Communication Engineering is preferred with at least very good degree.
  • Fluency In English
  • Able to develop complex processes in a wide perspective, and able to understand the role of individuals within larger systems.
  • Experience of 2 to 3 years in the information technology, two years at least working in information security.
  • A good awareness of the Cryptographic Key Management Security guidelines
  • A good awareness of the information security and its implementation methods.
  • A good experience in evaluating and revising the information security as added value.
  • Must have the following feature: o Objective. o Analytical o Persistent

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