Title: Development Engineer

Department: ROOT CA

Email: hrd.itida@itida.gov.eg

Tasks Required :

  • Preparing the required executive directives to accredit any E- Signature software.
  • Setting standards and testing, qualifying and approving products, applications and tools in the field of E-signature and securing electronic transactions.
  • Achieving the link between the E-signature applications service providers and beneficiaries of all government and private agencies.
  • Developing the software related with the E-signature applications services, and secure electronic transactions outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Achieving the coherence and integration between software and hardware relevant with the Public Key infrastructure and information security systems for both government agencies and the private sector.

  • Qualifications Required:

  • Period of experience ranging between 2 to 5 years, in the field of information systems technology and preferably who has previous experience in the field of PKI.
  • A Graduate of Computer and Information, or Engineering College , department computers or communication department of a well known university with grade of very good at least
  • Must have team work spirit
  • Fluency in English.
  • The Required Programming language : C#
  • Must have the following feature: o Objective. o Analytical o Persistent

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