Capacity Building

Talent is at the heart of Egypt’s development and it is important to continue to invest in and build a sustainable pool of skilled people, as well nurturing home-grown talent in a global market place.

Capacity building is a central part of ITIDA’s role and a number of programs have been set-up with a focus on developing the skills of people – from skills development programs, which focus on the development of the people’s core skills, to enterprise capacity building programs, which focus on building and developing the Egyptian ICT companies’ capabilities.

ITIDA has set a number of strategic HR capital building programs to provide world-class training and academic initiatives. These programs aim at building a skilled workforce and secure a continuous pool of candidates ready for direct employment after graduation with minimal requirements for further training.

In addition to the skills development programs, ITIDA set up The RITI Advanced Management Program "RAMP", which focuses on building the capacity of SMEs through developing their human resources to enable them to compete in the international arena. The program is directed towards 240 first-line managers, who exercise leadership and whose responsibilities require a concrete foundation of different management tools.

ITIDA also develops enterprise capacity building programs, which help Egypt’s IT companies improve the management structures, processes and procedures, in order to improve their export capabilities, increase their competitiveness and raise their opportunity to penetrate new markets.

Developed and delivered in cooperation with an international consortium led by IT services firm Atos Origin, the Grow IT Enterprise Capacity Building Program is designed to increase the international competitiveness of Egyptian IT companies. 100 Egyptian IT companies have been selected and they will benefit from consulting services to help them develop comprehensive best practices that will underpin their success in export markets.

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