Outsource to Egypt

Egypt is positioning itself as one of the leading outsourcing locations, providing services for countries as diverse as the USA, Canada, UK, mainland Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, APAC and the Middle East. Egyptians are as well-known for their fluent and accent-free English, as they are for their dexterity with French, German, and Spanish.

Cairo is an outsourcing haven, with its vast dedicated technology and outsourcing park in Smart Village, and the development of Maadi Park. Both technology parks will house in excess of 135,000 employees.
In terms of infrastructure, Egypt has undergone an unprecedented phase of development to live up to its title as one of the fastest growing outsourcing locations in the IT industry. With more than 26 million internet users and over 12 million broadband connections in late 2011, Egypt expects to increase its capacity exponentially (ITIDA, 2012).

The Egyptian government provides various packages of incentives and subsidies, especially in the IT sector in order to support the industry. This includes Training and Telecom support; in addition Egypt’s government offers tax reduction to companies investing in Egypt.

Foreign direct investment has also been a key player to Egypt’s growth and FDI inflows have increased to unprecedented levels over the past four years rising from US$2.1 billion in FY 2003/04 to US$6.8 billion in 2009/2010 with CAGR of 18.3%.

Favored with a geographical location that allows the country to serve various time zones, and an availability of top quality graduates, Egypt has an abundance of manpower capable of conversing in various languages in an accent-free manner.

It is because of this positioning, similarities and low cost base that make starting up and operating in Egypt more accessible and attractive for global companies, compared with other emerging outsourcing locations. The support, the sector receives from the Egyptian government through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and ITIDA,  has enabled it to create a conducive business and working environment that is helping Egypt to secure its place on the global outsourcing map.

Egypt has seen several landmark transactions of new multinational companies investing in the country as well as existing centers expanding their capacities significantly. Notable deals include IBM; Global Delivery Center (GDC) for ITO services and Global Process Services Center ( GPS) for BPO services, EMC²’s Center of Excellence for technical support and consulting, Sutherland Global Services; the first contact center opened in Alexandria, Valeo  for Embedded Systems, Stream Contact Center, and the expansion of Vodafone International Services technical support, customer service and IT centers and SQS for software development and testing services. These deals underline Egypt's emergence as a major hub for global sourcing servicing blue chip clients across markets.

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